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Academic Sequence

The K-6 curriculum generally follows the Core Knowledge sequence with some modifications to accommodate TEKS in addition to some classical education enhancements. Core Knowledge (CK) is a knowledge-rich curriculum sequence that effectively builds in students the grammar of each subject-- preparing them for more advanced studies in later grades. CK is a systematic course sequence built upon the following ideas:

  1. Learning is built upon previous learning.
  2. Reading comprehension and overall academic success depend on solid academic background knowledge. 
  3. There is a common body of knowledge all citizens should learn, i.e., cultural literacy. 
  4. Students must be better prepared to become more informed and responsible citizens of our republic. 

Modifications to accommodate TEKS and enhancements in grammar school include additional novels in some grades and the study of Latin and Greek root words in grades 3-6. Methods and resources from Access Literacy are used to teach explicit phonics (orthography), spelling, and writing. Well Ordered Language and Writing and Rhetoric are used in upper elementary and middle school for instruction in grammar and writing. Dimensions, a Singapore Math curriculum, is used in kindergarten through 5th grade to instruct mathematical concepts. Savas Digits is used in the 6th grade.  

Grammar School Subjects K-6: 

English-Language Arts (K- 3 Explicit Phonics, Writing, Reading, Greek & Latin Roots) 

History and Geography (American and World) 

Fine Arts (Music and Visual Art) 

Literature (Poetry, Classic Children’s Stories & Novels, Sayings & Phrases) 


Physical Education